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Want to know more about Cabal’s favourite gun?

A canon is more like it! The Webley .577 is a gun that doesn’t mess around. It is meant to stop everything dead… or undead.

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The Webley No.1 was one of a number of pistols that followed William Tranter’s design for a truly mammoth pistol. Chambered in the huge .577 boxer round, equal in calibre but not size to the British Army’s .577 Snider round, the Webley No.1 had an impressive 6-round cylinder despite the round’s size.

William Tranter was one of Britain’s leading gunsmiths during the late 19th century, a contemporary of Robert Adams. He was known for a number of innovative pistol designs including a double-action pistol with a dual trigger which could be used to cock the pistol without altering the shooters grip and allowed for more accurate ranged shooting with a double-action revolver. He went on to be one of the founders of the Birmingham Small Arms Company.

In the 1870s Tranter developed a pistol chambered in a huge .577 pistol round the design was licensed by a number of manufacturers including Tipping & Lawden and Webley. The revolver had a solid frame with an integral barrel which was needed to be exceptionally strong to deal with the stresses caused by the pistol’s cartridge.

The Webley No.1 proved to be a popular pistol for officers looking for a personal weapon which had increased stopping power. The .577 centrefire round offered a substantial increase on the contemporary Adams revolvers favoured by the British Army during the late 19th century, the .577 being the largest calibre then available in a pistol.

The No.1 however had its drawbacks, its hefty 42oz weight made it heavier than many contemporary smaller calibre Webley and Adams revolvers. As might be expected the large cartridges recoil was jarring and with the revolver’s barrel being so high above the grip the effect was intensified. Another downside for use in the field was that to reload the No.1 the cylinder and backplate had to be completely removed to reload, something increasingly uncommon in contemporary cartridge revolvers.

Despite it’s drawbacks the No.1, and its other Tranter cousins, was a formidable weapon with immense stopping power, arguably one of the largest calibre pistols of

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The Webley bullet is shown to the right.

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