Johannes Cabal Links and Resources

Links and Resources for Johannes Cabal and Jonathan L. Howard

Here is an ever-growing list of sites for the we use as reference… or are just great sites in general!

Jonathan L. Howard

Jonathan L. Howard’s very own website is the first and foremost source to find out about upcoming books and events.

The Johannes Cabal Fan Wiki

A Fandom website allowing collaborate open editing by the fans of the book. A treasure trove of additional reference information!

Amazon Books

Are you missing any of the books and need to buy any of the series? You can get all the formats here from Amazon: Ebooks, Audio, Hardcover or Paper back.

Free Flow Rambling Podcasts

Interested in discovering more podcasts by our team? We’re big fans of fantasy and the macabre. We are creating many more podcasts for your entertainment every week so stay tuned for more to come!

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